Thursday, February 25, 2010

April Showers

(this is a picture of me and my sisters)

Is it true that "everything works for our good"?

All I know is that when I am struggling, unless I turn to the Lord through scripture study and prayer the world is a much darker place. Coming from my book of mormon is pure light and knowledge. It is a beautiful calming thing.
When I read the Book of Mormon I know it is true. I have had a personal witness that is undeniable but I get that reaffirmed everytime i read.
No mere mortal with an eigth grade education could have put this book together.
8 other men also saw and held the book of mormon and never denied their testimony of the book in their lifetimes (even when they turned against Joseph Smith).
I don't understand those who fight against the Book of Mormon without being willing to read it..
..they are missing out on a great blessing.

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